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Graduated from Davis Senior High School in 1997 with certificates of excellence in art and computers. Shortly after graduating high school I attended American River Community College. There I studied various assortments of art, film, and computers. I stayed with community college for two semesters then went into the job market. In 2003 I decided to attend Cogswell Polytech and get a Bachelors Degree in Character Animation.

My hobbies correlate to my goals and ambitions in school. My favorite activities include playing video games, watching movies, listening to music, drawing, and messing with new programs on the computer.

Work Experience
Growing up I learned that working was an important part of being independent. I grew up with a strong work ethic, and I decided in the summer of 6th grade that I would try and get a job as a paperboy. I ended up snagging the job and worked at that for many years. I had close to 150 papers to deliver near the end of that job. My first real job I got, I was employed at a print shop named Abbey Road Press. There I learned my way around the printing industry. Our print shop had antiquated 1970s gear, and I learned the ins and outs of all of it. I would develop plates, shoot and develop negatives, splice together pages and fix them, collate, staple, and fold papers. Near the end of that job I would help run the Printing Press.

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